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  3. Memory Process, Integration Engineer || 最先端メモリプロセスエンジニア

Memory Process, Integration Engineer || 最先端メモリプロセスエンジニア

500 〜 1000 万円

  • RGF HR Agent
  • 勤務地: その他
  • 日本語レベル:ビジネスレベル │実務経験:未分類
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職種 技術職(販売、設計、開発、生産管理)/機械設計、電子回路設計、建築設計
業種 電気、電子、機械/ 半導体、エレクトロニクス、電子部品
雇用形態 未分類
ポジションレベル その他
募集人数 1名
希望入社時期 -

英語 (ビジネスレベル)

日本語 (ビジネスレベル)

活かせる語学 -
勤務時間 その他
ビザ取得支援 -
外国人従業員 -


Company Overview
[Company Profile]
 Global sales are about 3.5 trillion yen. The Micron Group boasts approximately 26,000 patents.
 Would you like to start your new career at Hiroshima Plant, which produces cutting-edge semiconductor memory products?

 Micron Memory Japan, a specialized manufacturer of semiconductor memory, that actively develops, designs, manufactures, and sells with world-class technological capabilities.
 The company is recruiting engineers with a scientific background. It doesn't matter if you have semiconductor experience. There are hundreds of processes in semiconductor manufacturing, and research experience and skills in a wide range of fields such as knowledge of electrical and electronic materials, chemical materials, inspection equipment usage skills, and design skills can be used. In fact, the company has a large number of inexperienced job changers. Of course, the educational system is well-maintained, so you can work with peace of mind. There are also expenses for moving to Hiroshima and transportation expenses for returning home.
 The semiconductor industry is growing year by year. For those who want to get started as an engineer at the leading company, it's the great stage.

 Semiconductor memory manufacturing, wafer process construction, improvement work, production technology, etc.

 Leader company category 22nd!
 Micron was selected as the leader company category with Facebook, Netflix and Amazon in the leader company category of the new ranking "Future50 (future 50 companies)" announced by Fortune magazine, and ranked 22nd.



Job Description
[Job Description]
 State-of-the-art semiconductor memory process construction, improvement work, production technology, etc.
 - The team that can play an active role is decided according to experience and hope.
 - You are expected that you gain experience and growth in the upstream of semiconductor manufacturing with discretionary power.
 - In order to build and improve the wafer process of semiconductor memory manufacturing, we exchange opinions with other process engineers, R&D teams and overseas engineers to create the best process.

 You will be responsible for any of the following (1)-(3).

 (1) Production technology of each process in semiconductor pre-process
 Equipment change / development work (both process and hardware improvement) using demo equipment, new installation, start-up, trouble-shooting work, etc. of semiconductor manufacturing equipment
 * The target process is all processes in the semiconductor pre-process.

 (2) Process integration at semiconductor mass production factory
 Yield improvement and quality improvement operations in the entire manufacturing process, from wafer introduction to final shipment of specific products in mass production
 ・ PI (Process Integration)
 ・ YE (Yield Enhancement)
 ・ RDA (Real time Defect Analysis)

 (3) Various engineers in the pre-process of semiconductor mass production factory
 ・ PQA (Product quality assurance)
 ・ Process Control Systems
 ・ Data science engineer / Analyzing huge amount of data, in charge of defect occurrence identification and production efficiency work

- ご経験、希望に応じてご活躍いただけるチームを決定します。
- 入社時期に関わらず裁量権を持って、半導体製造の上流にて経験を積み、成長してもらうことを期待しています。
- 半導体メモリ製造の前工程のプロセスを構築・改善するため、他のプロセスエンジニアや研究開発チーム、海外のエンジニアらと意見交換し、最良のプロセスを創り出します。


(1) 半導体前工程における各プロセスの生産技術

(2) 半導体量産工場の前工程にてプロセス・インテグレーション業務
・PI(Process Integration)
・YE(Yield Enhancement)
・RDA(Real time Defect Analysis)

(3) 半導体量産工場の前工程における各種エンジニア
・PQA (製品の品質保証)
・Process Control Systems

[Preferred person]
* Japanese language skills are not required
 ・ Those who are from science and engineering and have learned manufacturing
 ・ Those who have enthusiasm for technology, communication skills, and coordination skills
 ・ Those who are interested in data analysis
 ・ Those who want to be involved in business with a global perspective
 ・ Those who want to study technology in the most advanced areas


Additional Job Information
[Team organization structure]
  Interviews and MTG are actively held in the company, and the whole is lively. There are many people who start from inexperienced semiconductors, and the education system is perfect.

[Education system]
 After joining the company, there will also be a classroom training program to input “What is a semiconductor?” And a mentor will follow up for half a year.
 Also an extensive English training program including English training by foreign teachers.
 English help desk that is responsible for creating presentation materials, etc.,
* Environment where you can grow while working hard with colleagues of the same generation!!

[Work location] 7-10 Yoshikawa Industrial Park, Higashihiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture

* Car commuting (large parking lot available), dedicated commuter bus available (free)
* Moving expenses are provided based on our regulations
* Basically no transfer

[Working hours] 8: 30-17: 15 (scheduled working hours 7 hours 45 minutes, break 60 minutes)

[Employment form] Regular Employee
 ・ Trial period 2 months, treatment and salary will not change.
 ・ Monthly salary of 302,000 yen or more
* The decision will be made with maximum consideration of experience and interview evaluation.

[Treatment and benefits]
 ・ Full social insurance (employment insurance, occupational accident insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance)
 ・ Providing full commuting expenses
 ・ Retirement benefit system
 ・ Property savings system
 ・ Group contracts such as life insurance and non-life insurance
 ・ Cafeteria plan system
 ・ Other (there is a payment system according to performance) and others

[Holidays and holidays]
 ・ Annual holiday 126 days
 ・ Full week holiday 2 days (Saturday, Sunday)
 ・ New Year holiday
 ・ GW vacation
 ・ Summer vacation
 ・ Paid leave (22 days)
 ・ Prenatal and postpartum leave
 ・ Childcare leave
 ・ Nursing care leave
 ・ Family friendly vacation (3 days for family illness)
 ・ Marriage leave, etc.

[Employee interview]
・ Process integration engineer
 “Micron's goodness is just a sense of speed. Every employee decides what to do by when and what to do. If something goes wrong, we hold an MTG across the department. This minimizes risks. I ’m holding it down. ”
・ Process Engineer
 “There are many foreign engineers in university-like offices. There are booths where English teachers are stationed, and it is also recommended for those who want to improve their English skills.”





【勤務時間】8:30~17:15(所定労働時間 7時間45分、休憩 60分)

・試用期間 2カ月、その間の待遇・給与等は変わりません。


・有給休暇 (22日)
・結婚休暇 など




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Memory Process, Integration Engineer || 最先端メモリプロセスエンジニア

RGF HR Agent

500 〜 1000 万円



RGF HR Agent Memory Process, Integration Engineer || 最先端メモリプロセスエンジニア RGF HR Agent Memory Process, Integration Engineer || 最先端メモリプロセスエンジニア

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